Staff Development

Creating A Winning Momentum

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

The focus of this approach by Mala Ministries is on the issues of Foundation, Definition, Expansion and Conclusion as they relate to personal and professional momentum.

Foundation. pastors conferenceThe building blocks of any successful endeavor require a strong foundation. Questions about identity and acceptance of roles and responsibilities are covered in this phase and participants are given illustrations that are both humorous and inspiring to drive home the point. The importance of coaching is showcased in the foundation.

Definition. Individuals and institutions that seek to expand from where they are to where they want to be need clarity on the definitions of Pride and Balance. Pride is anchored in the affirmations and self-talk that lends credence to our tasks. Balance allows us to focus on the recognition of talents that must complement the tasks we perform.

Expansion. Moving from Point A to Point B with a defined purpose requires careful planning. The art of setting and achieving significant goals allows the participants to arrive at Point B more prepared and ready to execute. Here the participants will receive information on the specific steps that they can take to set goals in both their personal and professional pursuits. Stretch goals are brought into play to show the continuity required.

Conclusion. Finishing well is as important as any other part of success. This phase defines the goal achievement process so the participants can decipher for themselves how and when they will achieve their goals.

“I cannot change yesterday - I can only make the most of today, and look with hope and optimism at my plans for a better and more prosperous tomorrow. To this end I will plan with attitude, prepare with aptitude, participate with servitude and receive with gratitude and that will be enough to separate me from the multitude.”

Role & Attitude

Skill allows one to make a living. Will allows one to shape a life.
    foot washing
  • Role IdentityWho am I?
  • Role OriginWhere do I come from?
  • Role GratificationWhom do I credit for the platform upon which I will build the monument to my legacy?
  • Role EnjoymentWhat makes me laugh?
  • Role DisappointmentWhat makes me cry?
  • Role DestinyWhat gives me hope?

  • Plan with attitude,
  • Prepare with aptitude,
  • Participate with servitude,
  • Receive with gratitude,
    And that should be enough to...
  • Separate you from the multitudes.

Molding a Leader's Attitude

  • Identifying the Qualities of a Solid Foundation
  • Designing the Picture Created for You
  • Isolating the Wisdom that We Need to Affirm
  • Learning to Hope through Promise
  • Relating with the Given Blessings
  • Setting and Achieving Permanent Goals

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