Leadership Seminars
Leadership is an artful endeavor; it is constantly fluid and keeps you on your toes. A mental nap at the wrong time can be lethal. On occasion no matter how experienced a leader you are, you will find yourself in hot water. - John Maxwell

The vision of a leader dictates the tempo of the macro and micro cultural influences experienced in an organization. In order for an organization to think, act and perform like a team of top performers, the vision of the organization should include planning and preparation as precursors to expectation. This is the true value of a vision.

Top Performance - Developing Excellence in Self and Others

  • The Art of Top Performance;
  • The Science of Living a Complete Existence;
  • Maximizing your Spiritual Potential;
  • Setting the Boundaries of Accountability and Discipline;
  • Coaching;
  • Replicating by Sowing Seeds of Grandeur;
  • Lifting Up the Least Likely;
  • Giving More than you Have and Keeping Less than you Need.

teaching in India

Effective Communication

Communicating for impact requires an understanding of the filter patterns in human beings that sometimes alter the outcome of the intended message or messages. This, coupled with the dynamics of meta-messages and para-language, complicates a leader’s ability to communicate effectively. At the seminars and workshops conducted by Mala Ministries we encourage participants to grow through the communication continuum by showing them how to reduce reliability on methods that do not work while equipping them with a new global portfolio of effectiveness.

• I don't have to agree with you to understand you...
• In 20 languages "be" and "do" are the same word...
• Invite your listeners to hear...
• Language is often a useful tool to conceal meaning...
• Only you can share your memories...
- Fred Smith Sr. Author of You and Your Network