Brad Huff

I was first introduced to Mr. Krish Dhanam at an event in April 2005. I was overly impressed with the passion, wisdom and conviction that he spoke with and have followed him ever since.

In October 2010, I emailed Krish and asked if he could speak to my company at our upcoming monthly meeting. He did so and the entire group was overly moved and impressed. We went on to have our best 4th quarter in our company 10-year history and I believe that starting the quarter off with Krish had a large influence on that.

While Krish was with our company I got to know him on a personal level and learned of Mala Ministries. Conversations grew from there and in May 2011 I accompanied Krish to India for one of his frequent trips there. Without hesitation I can tell you that this was one of the most meaningful, life changing events of my life. The effectiveness to which Krish taught the people in India about Jesus Christ was amazing to me. I went to be of service to Krish in any way I could be, but was a student the entire time I was there.

I look forward to having Krish back to my company for more teaching later this year. If his schedule permits I would like to have him speak and teach at a few other venues as well. God is using him in some unique and extraordinary ways and I want to give that to as many people as possible.


Brad Huff
Mister Quik Home Services