MALA Ministries has access to myriad approaches that will allow you to learn from businessmen who have practiced and modeled the golden rule to great acclaim and accomplishment. By learning "why" the principles of the Good News work in all facets of existence, it is easier to document the specific "how" that pertains to your own journey.

The Mala Ministries Consulting Approach:

  • Genuine Leadership = Be authentic to your purpose!
  • Restored Relationships = Be available to your family!
  • Amicable Partnerships = Be approachable by society!
  • Complete Ownership = Be authoritative in chosen tasks!
  • Effective Stewardship = Be aligned with your obligations!

Deal with men of low character as seldom as possible. Rarely in life are we able to totally escape them for occasionally we must walk by the city dump. But even then we can learn to walk quickly and pass as seldom as possible. - Fred Smith Sr.

VIDEO SERIES: Faith Declarations